I have always admired the human form. My current work exemplifies my personal yet universal experiences relating to being human. I have painted the female form for over 20 years and moved to working in 3D in the last eight. I work in porcelain clay shaping my pieces by hand or mould casting. I feel porcelain clay is perfect to express the fragility of being human as well as its hidden strengths.

abstracts, body casts, motifs & Mosaics


This section comprises three different finished wall panels. The Bouquet series is modular in size and shape. Each piece is determined by the motifs that I paint. My inspiration for this series comes from 16th century Iznik tile designs. The Beneath the Surface series is highly textured and layered. In order to obtain this effect I hand form porcelain scale-like pieces before embedding them onto hand painted surfaces. The Abstract Wall pieces are created using similar techniques.

GIFTS, ACCESSORIES & commissions


Over the last two years I have been branching out

to create unique gift objects that are inspired by my art projects. They are simple & elegant, yet strong and practical designs make them unusual presents.

I use high-fired porcelain clay so that although the pieces appear delicate they are designed to take impact that come from use.

Ceramic and mosaic artist.  Email:  Belgin Bozsahin    M: +44 (0) 7950 537 187

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