All my work takes inspiration from the body and soul. I find I am constantly searching for a language that our senses, our hearts recognise.


My sculpture series “Inside” is in response to the questions:

What is this body? What do we call "life"? Is a breath just air or is there something more to it than what we understand? In the need to find some satisfying answers to these personal yet universal questions, I began an investigation into the Self.  The work focuses on capturing the contrasting attributes of the internal and external spaces that a being occupies.


The installation 'Sweet Dependence' is about the breath, without which we are no more.

We depend on it totally without knowing it and pay it little attention, yet it brings all life, everything that a being needs and more - everything that delights us.

Contrasting spaces


This installation is constructed with 700 pieces of hand formed porcelain, each coloured with different various slips, incised and pressed with images from daily life . The metal rings that hold the porcelain tags and the centre piece are all suspended individually from the ceiling in order to promote mobility in the installation.

I was invited to make a piece of work to  Commemorate WWI, for an exhibition entitled 'BORDERS'

Ceramic and mosaic artist.  Email:  Belgin Bozsahin    M: +44 (0) 7950 537 187

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